We have been very fortunate to have received a generous donation of a selection of paddles from the renowned paddle maker of the Canadian Paddle Company (CPC).

Each paddle is brand new, hand made and is unique unto itself...a one of a kind. 

The design pattern of each paddle is simply a product of what the wood gives.

A variety of different woods are used for each paddle and include a CPC logo engraved on each.

Another unique feature is that some of the paddles have a dropped moose antler bead inserted into or near the grip.

Some of the grips are a bit larger than the standard ones, and this is both functional and visual to maximize the beauty of the wood.

 A contribution for a paddle is to make a lasting impact allowing positive action in seeking Indigenous climate solutions.

All paddles include a canoe shaped wall mount paddle holder.

FREE SHIPPING on all paddles.

We pay any taxes if applicable on all paddles.