About Our Canoe Paddles

They are perfect for hanging in that special location at the cottage, city home or wherever fine art can be best seen; they will become a lasting heirloom.

By making a generous contribution for one of our cherry wood canoe paddles, including our signature paddles known as Paddles of Peace (see our explanation below), is to make a lasting impact allowing positive action in seeking Indigenous climate solutions.

Our signature paddles have the Canoe Foundation logo engraved on the paddle grip, while at the neck of the blade, our motif Paddles of Peace (shown below) is engraved.

The artisan painted paddles have on the reverse side, the beautiful original work of various artists, who have donated their time and talent to express their perspective on our relationship with our home, MotherEarth.

Each of our signature and artisan painted paddles are hand carved...each paddle is unique...each will be slightly different in terms of wood grains, size or shape of the grip...each paddle is really a one of a kind...of the highest quality.

To ensure an adequate supply of paddles, we have engaged several different paddle makers, who are custodians of a traditional cottage industry. We are proud to support these dedicated craftsmen and women.

Each paddle comes with it's own vertical or horizontal wall mount paddle holder, while the artisan painted paddles come as well with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is signed by the artist.

From time to time, we also receive a donation of a paddle from a generous supporter, that they have perhaps made and painted themselves, or else is a paddle that has accompanied them on many a memorable canoe trip and has been refurbished and is located in our Experienced Paddles section. The type of wood...the style, sizes, will all be unique...again, each is a one of a kind.

The trees for each of our signature and artisan paddles are sourced from a sustainable forest in northern Ontario.

Canoe Foundation makes a contribution for the planting of a tree for each paddle shipped out. 


We’ve been told that people are looking for a connection to a positive force…to make a difference.

A contribution for a Canoe Foundation paddle is an act of solidarity with those Indigenous Peoples who are putting their lives on the line in protecting the biodiversity we all need to survive.

All profits from our fund raising help fund Indigenous climate action.

The Canoe Foundation Paddle Project is our way to honour those inspirational Indigenous Peoples on the front lines of climate action.

We have our spirits lifted every time we see committed people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, taking action and demonstrating how extraordinarily resilient we humans can be.

Our motif that is laser engraved on one side of our Paddles of Peace was designed to reflect our vision…beliefs…focus…values…and our mission.

The motif was influenced by Indigenous culture and imagery and reflects our need to restore the balance between nature and mankind and to better appreciate the interconnectedness of all life forms.

We can establish a peaceful relationship with nature and each other when we work toward common goals as a global village.

We need to celebrate that which unites over that which divides…we have a shared cross-cultural mission in seeking climate solutions.

We believe that fighting for indigenous rights is the best way to fight for the environment.

Our paddle artwork is an effort to bring together cultural expression from both sides of the colonial divide with a shared goal of seeking peace with nature and each other.