BLOOMS OF CULTURE by Kevin Pee-ace

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Artist's Name: Kevin Pee-ace

Paddle Title: “Blooms of Culture”

Meaning of Paddle Design: The floral motifs symbolize First Nations culture, the abundance of colours is meant to portray the beauty of our people, represented by the red background.

Kevin has provided a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Funding Project: Net proceeds from the sale of Kevin's paddle will be directed towards the support of the Wet'suwet'en, who are defending their unceded territory in British Columbia from the Coastal Gas Link (CGL) pipeline.

Paddle Wood: Cherry

Paddle Style: Beavertail

Paddle Grip: Standard – 3.75” / 9.5 cm

Paddle Length: 60" / 152.5 cm.

Paddle Condition: New

Paddle Bonus: On the reverse side of the paddle are the two engravings as shown on our signature Paddles of Peace.

Paddle Accessory: The paddle includes a canoe shaped vertical wall mount paddle holder.

Photograph Location: Inside picture in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan...outside pictures at Canoe Foundation House at the shore of Lake Ontario.

Short Artist Biography: Kevin was born in Kelvington, Saskatchewan and is a member of the Yellowquill First Nation and Peter Chapman First Nation. Kevin’s exposure to art happened at an early age, as he recalls seeing drawings and paintings created by his uncle, Jerry Whitehead, who would later become instrumental in helping to launch his career. Kevin studied art in British Columbia and then returned to Saskatchewan where he enrolled at the U of S to continue his studies, but quickly realized that the art was becoming more dominant thus committing to it full time. Art and education have been constants throughout his career, which has led to a collaborative approach in creating class murals with many schools throughout Saskatchewan. The importance of family is the central core of his paintings. Kevin's paintings can be found in various public and private collections throughout Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world.