KETTLEWELL SIGNED SPECIAL donated by Neil Campbell

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Original Owner's Name: Neil Campbell

Paddle Title: “Kettlewell Signed Special”

Meaning of Paddle Design: Ray Kettlewell painted the cormorant up near the neck of each blade and in special circumstances, he signed his name.

Paddle Wood: Cherry

Paddle Style: Kettlewell Modified Ottertail

Paddle Grip: Tailored Standard – 3.25” / 8 cm

Paddle Length: 64" / 162.5 cm.

Paddle Condition: A few nicks and bumps shows the character and history of this fine paddle.

Paddle Accessory: Each paddle includes a canoe shaped vertical wall mount paddle holder.

Photograph Location: Near the shore of Lake Simcoe in Barrie, Ontario.

Short Paddle History: Neil originally purchased the paddle while attending Camp Hurontario in the Georgian Bay. The paddle accompanied Neil on camping trips over many years on many lakes and rivers in northern Ontario. When you hold the paddle you can almost envisage the feel of the water curling around the paddle with each stroke.