LISTEN by Cindy Y. Lam

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Artist's Name: Cindy Y. Lam

Paddle Title: “Listen” 

Meaning of Paddle Design: Respect, Protect and Listen to nature and all the magnificent creatures we share this planet with.

Cindy has provided a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Funding Project: Net proceeds from the sale of Cindy's paddle will be directed towards the support of the Wet'suwet'en, who are defending their unceded territory in British Columbia from the Coastal Gas Link (CGL) pipeline.

Paddle Wood: Cherry

Paddle Style: Beavertail

Paddle Grip: Contoured apprx. 3.25” / 8.5 cm.

Paddle Length: 60" / 152.5 cm.

Paddle Condition: New

Paddle Bonus: On the reverse side of the paddle are the two engravings as shown on our signature Paddles of Peace.

Paddle Accessory: The paddle includes a canoe shaped vertical wall mount paddle holder.

Photograph Location: The artist's backyard in Toronto.

Short Artist Biography: Cindy Y. Lam is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. Painting from memory and referencing personal photos, her focus is on landscapes and animals from the canine family both domestic and wild. Her style is representational and at times leans into abstraction. She is happiest in her studio accompanied by her dogs and being covered in paint!