We’ve just launched Canoe Foundation, so our paddle selection in the Experienced Paddle Collection is limited.

From time to time, we expect to receive a donation of a paddle from a generous supporter, that has accompanied them on many a memorable canoe trip. The paddles will have been refurbished, but may still show some of the experiences that the paddle has gone through over the years.

Some of these paddles will have a story to tell and are included in the description details.

Many of these paddles will be true classics and deserve a second life, either displayed in an appropriate setting or else taken on another meaningful canoe trip.Each paddle will be unique…each one will be different in terms of wood grains, blade and grip size and styles…the experience of each makes them all a one of a kind.

A contribution for a paddle is to make a lasting impact allowing positive action in seeking Indigenous climate solutions.

All paddles include a canoe shaped wall mount paddle holder.

FREE SHIPPING on all paddles.
We pay any taxes if applicable on all paddles.

Do you, or anyone you know have a paddle that you or they would like to donate to our cause…another way to help? Click for more info on how to Donate Your Old Paddle.