We’ve just launched Canoe Foundation, so our paddle selection in the Artisan Painted Paddle Collection is limited.

The paddles that are included in our Artisan Painted Paddle Collection represent either paddles that have been made and painted by the artist themselves, or else they have painted the reverse side of one of our Signature Paddles.

Their artwork represents their unique perspective and relationship with nature and are true collectors’ items.

One of our strategies is to support and encourage the engagement of Indigenous artists and influencers in our fundraising initiative, and by displaying their paddle artistry on our web site along with their biography and contact information, we can hopefully enhance their profile and their message.

Each artist is a well-known and respected individual in their particular field of endeavour. Their paintings hang in many homes and galleries, and command significant sums for their acquisition.

The suggested dollar figure attached to each reflects the value that discerning collectors understand each artist’s work to represent.

Each paddle is unique…each one will be different in terms of wood grains, blade and grip size and styles…and of course the artwork itself…each is a one of a kind. A contribution for a paddle is to make a lasting impact allowing positive action in seeking Indigenous climate solutions.

All paddles include a canoe shaped wall mount paddle holder.

FREE SHIPPING on all paddles. 
We pay any taxes if applicable on all paddles.

Do you know an artist who would consider lending their time and talent to paint one of our paddles with their message about our relationship with nature? Click for more info on Who Should We Ask To Paint A Paddle?